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A.Utility locates will be called and the utility companies will come out and mark their lines on your property. We cannot be responsible for any unmarked lines such as: an electric or gas line to an outside light or an outside building. Also, if there is a lawn sprinkler system, we cannot be responsible for unmarked lines.
B.Yard will be returned to rough grade. Landscaping is not included in our price which includes but not limited to removal of trees, removal of fences, decking, retaining walls, cleaning driveways, concrete, cleaning patios, removal of gates, firepits,ect.
C.Job will be permitted through local county and inspected by local county environmental health department. 
D.Not liable for brittle old concrete lids breaking.
E. I release Clean Septic,llc from all liability for damage caused by driving on driveways and sidewalks.
**Half of the total price will be paid before the start of the job and the remainder will be due upon completion after inspection.

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